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I've purchased a Pre-Order item.. when is it coming?!Updated 2 months ago

You eager beaver! We've added the estimated delivery time for all pre-order items to the product description, this is when we expect the items to arrive to our warehouse. However, sometimes unexpected events delay our product shipments - bad weather etc. If any such delays delays occur, we will be sure to update you on your order status via email, and via our website listing.

If you have ordered a pre-order products along with other in stock items, your order will be shipped all together once the pre-ordered product arrives. If you need your other items sooner, we recommend placing 2 orders - one with the items that will ship now and the other for the pre-order items. If you have placed one order by mistake but need to change this, we can organise split shipment for an additional delivery fee. Just sent us an email at [email protected]

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