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Our ValuesUpdated a month ago

Our values are woven into everything we touch at TSC. From the way we show up for our community and each other, to how we speak, the products we design and even how we handle challenges that come our way.


1. Colour outside the lines 

Dare to be different, curious and bold. Disrupt the status quo. 

2. Move the needle 

Be nimble. Break rules. Dig in and be accountable. 

3. You can sit with us

Be kind and lead with empathy. Create a diverse and inclusive community, a safe place for everyone. 

4. Create a memorable experience 

Be consistent in delivering an unparalleled level of delight.                            

5. Find the better way 

Pursue innovation. Look for creative solutions. 

6. Embrace play

Enjoy the ride. Never stop learning. Have fun! 


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