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Product ComparisonsUpdated 2 months ago

We know it’s tricky comparing our goodies to find the one that’s *just right* for you. We’ve got a lot of options! So we’ve snapped some cute family photos and created some handy videos to make decision-making a breeze!


Lunch Bags, Lunch Satchels, Lunch Totes and Mini Range

We have LOADS of lunch options! Here’s a quick round-up… They’re all insulated. The Lunch Bag and Mini Case are the only 2 styles without a removable shoulder strap.

The Lunch Tote is the only style that has 2 compartments – the front pocket can be used to keep your phone, keys or other essentials away from your food so you can leave your big handbag at home, and just take your tote! 

Our Lunch Totes, Lunch Bag and Mini Lunch Case have a zipper closure, where as our Lunch Satchel has a velcro and magnet closure. 

While we are at it, we do always recommend to keep those lunch items nice and cold, by adding one of our Ice Bricks in your Lunch Bag/ Tote or Satchel. This will help keep the bag cold for hours! 

It all comes down to your preference of style, and how you like to carry your lunch item on the commute to work, school or picnic! You can also check out our Instagram for plenty of packing videos, to see which one might be best suited to you.

Wine Coolers, Midi Coolers and Large Coolers

Let’s talk Coolers… The Large Cooler Bag has 2 compartments, both are insulated. In the bottom you can fit 3 bottles of wine (we’ve tested this many times!) and loads of smaller items on the top like cheese and tasty snacks. There is a front Velcro pocket perfect for cutlery too. Make sure you put the heavy items (cans and drinks) in the bottom, otherwise, too much weight in the top might make the bag collapse in a bit.  This Cooler is our biggest style, perfect for families, long road trips or anytime you need to take a lot of food or drinks. 

Our Midi Cooler on the other hand is better for 2 person picnics or shorter park visits. It can fit 2 x bento boxes and 2 water bottles easily, great for park visits with the kids or weekend sports! It’s just one compartment, which is slightly similar to the base of the Large Cooler, and it also has a pocket on the front for cutlery or small items. 

Then the Wine Cooler is your bud if you want to take 1 to 2 bottles of wine and your phone/keys – there is a helpful pocket on the back to keep things separate from your drinks and go totally hands-free!


Large and Original Wet Bags, Essential Bags, Pencil Cases

Our Wet bags are water resistant and are perfect for wet bikinis or containing anything that might get messy like soiled clothing. Just keep in mind the zipper isn’t watertight! They also make a fabulous toiletry or cosmetics bag. Our Essentials Bags and Pencil Cases have a material lining, both types are perfect for on-the-go, and for keeping your larger totes, handbags or suitcases organised. 

Cheeky Totes, Ultimate Totes & Everyday Totes 

A big difference between these bags is the outer material and sizing. The Cheeky Tote is transparent, whereas the Ultimate Tote has a printed outer fabric as well as a lining on the inside. The next big difference is the internal pockets. The Ultimate Tote has loads! You’ll be super organised with a PEVA-lined waterproof zipped pocket to fit a phone or keys, an internal elasticated pocket for a water bottle, a large pocket on one side with a Velcro closure (it fits a laptop!), plus an external pocket for anything you need quick access to. 

On the Cheeky Tote, you’ll love the thicker shoulder straps that make carrying a heavy bag super comfy however there are no internal built-in pockets – we love using our wet or essential bags inside, as the stunning prints shine through! Both totes have a magnetic closure on the top and a D-ring to hang keys or key chains. 

Our Everyday Totes are crafted to be slightly smaller than our fan-favourite Ultimate Tote, and is packed with features you’ll love. We’ve listened to our community’s feedback and added some seriously snazzy upgrades, including a highly-requested zip closure and a padded laptop pocket that fits laptops up to 16-inches.

Water Bottles

We’ve got a water bottle to suit everyone’s hydration needs! Let’s start with what they all have in common… They’re all double-walled and crafted with powder-coated stainless steel. That means they’re scratch resistant and super durable, ready to withstand whatever comes their way! Plus they’ll keep liquids refreshingly cold for 20 hours and hot for 8. 


The 1L and 350ml water bottles have a silicone band around the base of the bottle. This nifty addition will not only safeguard your bottle from dents but also eliminate that annoying noise when you pop them down. 


At this stage, we sell spare Lids and Straws for our 1L Water Bottles. 


In terms of lids, the 500ml, 1L water and 350ml water bottle lids are interchangeable. However, if you wish to put the 1L or 500ml lids on the 350ml water bottle, you’ll need to remove the straw first. It can easily be reattached though!


When it comes to size, the 350ml bottle is the ultimate handbag companion, designed to fit flawlessly into all of our stylish lunch bags and satchels. As for the 500ml size, it can still make its way inside, albeit requiring a graceful sideways placement. We don’t recommend trying to fit the 1L water bottles don’t fit inside a lunch bag or satchel, it’s a very tight fit!


We know how important it is to keep things squeaky clean too, so we’ve kept the BPA free straws clear to make them easier to clean -  You’ll find them in the 1L bottles. 


Hold All Bags and Weekender Bags

If you like your bag organised, the Hold All Bag has got you covered - there are compartments galore! The main internal compartment has a wide flap with zip closure and a netted pocket on either side for loose bits and bobs. 

There’s also a large zipped compartment underneath which has a water resistant lining perfect for shoes and sweaty stuff. On the outside we have a zipped pocket on one side and a netted pocket on the other, and on the back is a metal loop for your keys or gym card.  It has two hand carry straps as well as an adjustable padded shoulder strap. Think of this as your new stylish gym bag! 

Our Weekender Bag is much bigger in terms of room, and is designed to hold more weight. It actually can become bigger in size if you detach the side buckles, to fit more in for those trips away. It also features a handy strap to put over the back of your suitcase, perfect for walking your bags down the airport aisle! 

With plenty of pockets on the inside and outside, you can effortlessly organise your essentials, from toiletries and accessories to travel documents and chargers. Whether you're hopping on a plane or hitting the road, our Weekender Bag is designed to be your trusty travel companion.

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